Vanishing Voices and Penghu Stories

In the Amis community and many indigenous cultures around the world, native languages are

starting to disappear. Vanishing Voices celebrates these cultures, while asking the questions

"How are these languages lost, and can we bring them back before it's too late?"

Penghu Stories follows the daily life of three different sets of business owners: An art collector whose artifacts span thousands of years, a feuding family with side-by-side cracker shops, and the owner of a lemonade shop with former ties with the mafia.

Shot entirely in the country of Taiwan, Vanishing Voices and Penghu Stories consist of four separate documentary films. Vanishing Voices was shot in the east side of the country, deep in the tropics where bugs, rain, and the sounds of nature were an everyday sound consideration. Penghu Stories were shot on the island of Penghu, just to the west of Taiwan. City life, traffic, and the ocean were some of the many sound factors involved. While there, the crew was featured in Penghu's local newspaper.


Recorded on a Sound Device 633 mixer with integrated recorder,

two Sennheiser EW 100 G3 Wireless Lavs, and Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic.


Production Sound Mixer - Madison McGaughy


Directed by Andrew Peat





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